May 18, 2018
1 Month and 26 days left
until our reunion.
Welcome to the Henry Wise Wood class of '68 2018 50th Reunion Website
Welcome to the Henry Wise Wood class of '68 2018 50th Reunion Website

Hello everyone,

New Year 2018 already!  Here's hoping it's a good one for all of us, particularly health wise as we get ""on"" a bit!


Excitement about the upcoming reunion bash is ramping up at our committee meetings!  While we're planning, we often end up talking about people we've lost track of over the years, and invariably someone at the meeting has crossed paths with these ""missing"" folks and we are then updated with their news.  It's so much fun!


We are spread out all over the world!  Check out our map feature on the website.  Go to *Classmates* on the left-hand menu then click the *Where Are They Now* button.


We are opening up the reunion event to any past HWW student from any year that wants to come.  We did that because several of the '68 grads married other HWW students from earlier or later grades and we wanted to be sure they were included.  Also, we're not sure if any other years are organizing a reunion, so we wanted to offer this event to those who may want to attend.


We need to ask a favor....  As a committee we have worked really hard to locate as many of our HWW friends as possible, but we are missing a lot of contact phone numbers or email addresses for many of the students in the ""ACCOLADE"" yearbook, our main source of names/faces.


Soon you will be receiving a general reminder mail-out email with our registration attachment.  If you know of any HWW folks that you would like to see attend the reunion, please either forward their contact info to a committee member (committee email addresses below) or forward this general email on to them on our behalf.  Thanks so much for helping us out with this!

Don Cross
HWW student council president, 1967-68

Best regards,

Reunion Committee:
Jean Arbuckle
Don Cross                                      Hetty Roessingh
Graeme Dales                                Dan Russell
Cliff Hendrickson                            Don Sandford
Penny (Morris) Hume                     Carla (John) Watson
Dale Lamoureux                             Jim Watson

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